Sheriff Kenny Marks

Menominee County Sheriff in 2016

Law Enforcement Careers

"I'm pleased to serve as your Menominee County Sheriff. I have always strived to leave Menominee County as a safer and better place to live than when I first became the Sheriff. The Sheriff's Office is committed to improving the quality of life of every citizen and visitor to Menominee County, by providing high quality services to our customers."

​"My name is Kenny Marks and I am the Sheriff of Menominee County. Please vote to re-elect me to a third term as Sheriff in the August 2nd primary election and the November 8th general election. I have a passion for protecting and serving the citizens of Menominee County. It is not just a job to me; as your Sheriff, it is my duty to serve you and I take that responsibility very seriously.  I don’t just sit at a desk in the Sheriff’s Office and tell others what to do.  I patrol throughout Menominee County, meeting people, solving problems, receiving crime tips from citizens and communicating about ways to prevent crime.  I am a Sheriff that is accessible to you in person, by phone, through email and texting.  Most importantly, I’m a constitutional sheriff and your constitutional rights are my priority.  I took an oath to uphold the State and Federal Constitutions; my oath is my word and I will keep it!

I want you to know that twenty-six years as a United States Marine and twenty-four years as a law officer, has instilled in me the importance of integrity, honor, loyalty, ethical behavior and unselfishness in my private and professional life. I serve the taxpayers of Menominee County through hard work, dedication to duty and commitment to service. That is what I have been trained to do throughout my entire professional life. I am humbled to have had the honor to be elected to serve the citizens of Menominee County over the past eight years.  I have embraced volunteerism, recruiting 104 trained and experienced volunteer deputies in six specialized units.  The corrections deputies, detectives, road patrol deputies and volunteers are the most capable public servants in Menominee County.  They have a stake in your communities and they reflect the dedication and results that you expect from your tax dollars.

I believe in working hard to put criminals behind bars! They must be held accountable for their behavior!  Lives of drug abuse and crime can be changed. Families can be restored.  Seeing hearts and lives change through jail diversion and intervention programs is one of my most rewarding experiences as Sheriff of Menominee County. In Menominee County, we don’t just capture, prosecute and incarcerate criminals; we encourage them while they are in jail to change their attitudes and behavior, which lands them on a path of renewal!  That is my vision and with every success, I’m encouraged that my deputies and I are making a difference in the lives of the people whom we serve.

There are many more challenges for us to solve in the next four years. I am the candidate with the courage, education, experience, knowledge and leadership to serve as your County Sheriff and I'm looking forward to serving you for another term! Please let me continue to lead our great team of deputies by voting for me in the August 2nd Primary Election and the November 8th General Election.  I’ll be out in your neighborhoods going door to door and listening to your concerns and suggestions.  I enjoy knocking on doors and speaking to residents about their County.  The Office of Sheriff is the most rewarding job that I’ve been blessed to work and I want to share your concerns with the leadership of Menominee County.  Please keep me in this position so I can, through positive changes, continue improving the quality of life for all of our citizens."​

This sheet of paper was copied from a 

​local newspaper.  An opinion was

expressed by writing, "VOTE NO."  The

sheet was tacked to a public cork board

in a gas station.  Although I can't 

determine why the protester highlights

the statement, "I have a passion for

protecting and serving the citizens"

and wants others to vote no, I do

respect the fact that the individual

who posted this flyer was willing to

exercise his/her First Amendment

right to free ​speech.  During this years

presidential campaign, we are seeing

protest and disruption of 

political events that appear to be

focused on preventing free speech.

Please...not in America.

​​"The First Amendment guarantees our freedoms of religion and speech.  The Second Amendment secures our right to defend the First Amendment.  Both Amendments are the foundation of our nation and both ensure our future prosperity as a Republic.  That is why we should take an aggressive stand to protect free speech, even when we may not agree with the content of the speech.  When free speech is attacked, the remedy should always be, make more free speech!  Throughout my military career, in my deployments world-wide, I HAVE OBSERVED THAT MOST OF THE PEOPLE ON EARTH DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  American Veterans are protective of free speech because they have seen what it looks like to not be free and they have died defending free speech in America and abroad.  I'm a very grateful American!  God Bless America."


Sheriff Kenny Marks