"Sheriff Kenny Marks has served all the people of Menominee County for the past four years, developed broad-based relationships, and implemented 

programs and infrastructure for public safety. Has he gained a few enemies?  Absolutely, because he couldn't be bought and he wouldn't be intimidated. When he led the Sheriff's Department to serve and protect all the residents without favoritism, it irked some who felt especially entitled. But the same integrity and sacrifice that he exemplified as a Marine Officer led him to refuse 

backroom politics and instead serve the County and unify rather than polarize people. I'm convinced that the quiet majority of people are tired of the ugly politics that continues to be divisive, and just want fair and qualified leadership. Menominee County owes Sheriff Marks a great debt of gratitude, and we would be fortunate to have him serve another term as the Menominee County Sheriff."

Dr. James D. Langteau

What Matters


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  • Promote Concealed Carry
  • Maintain Safe and Secure Jail
  • Keep Roads Patrolled
  • Promote Student Safety
  • Safety on Water and Trails
  • Develop Volunteer Units
  • Build Chaplaincy
  • Promote Victim Services

Law Enforcement Experience & Career

Kenny attended 12 years of Catholic education. His post high school education includes, two years undergraduate at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, Bachelor of Business Administration from National University, San Diego, California and a one year Certificate in Law Enforcement from Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, Minnesota. Kenny's diverse educational background forms the foundation of his leadership abilities. He believes that Integrity is the most important leadership trait that a Sheriff must demonstrate to the people of Menominee County.  Kenny and his family are members of the Carney Evangelical Free Church. Kenny is a member of the Cedarville Township Volunteer Fire Department, Bay Area Mounted Search & Rescue, Stephenson Lions, American Legion Post 43 in Stephenson, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1887 in Menominee, Marine Corps Association and Foundation and the Michigan Democratic Party. He is proud to be a life-time member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the National Rifle Association. Kenny's professional memberships include National Sheriff's Association & the Michigan Sheriff's Association. Kenny is a Evangelical Christian, Conservative Democrat (Pro-Labor, Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment), retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel and a very proud and thankful American who knows that freedom is never free; many have died for us. Sheriff Marks is a member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. Kenny took an Oath as a Sheriff, to defend the Federal and State Constitutions and he will honor that oath! He believes in voting for the candidate and what they stand for and not for the political party. Kenny strives to make decisions to best serve the people of Menominee County. Kenny is proud of his rural roots in Menominee County, his hard-working ancestors from Cedar River, and he has a personal investment in Menominee County's future. Kenny wants to continue to make it a safer place to live for all of our citizens. He wants our children to be able to get great jobs in Menominee County and raise their families here. Kenny believes that public safety must be a community priority, in order to create new jobs and to attract new businesses and families to Menominee County. Kenny has learned that "success in law enforcement is not measured by crime statistics - it is measured by absence of crime and how safe and secure our residents and business professionals perceive their experiences in Menominee County."  Kenny wants your vote so he can continue to serve & protect you!

Sheriff Kenny Marks

Menominee County Sheriff in 2016